Residential Junk Removal in Richmond, VA

Send Your Unwanted Junk to the Dump

Ask about our residential junk removal services in Richmond, VA

Do you have an old shed taking up room on your lawn? Is your garage packed with stuff that you just don't know what to do with? Get the residential junk removal services you need from Junk Shuttle.

We offer household and yard debris removal services throughout Richmond, VA. From broken lawn equipment and yard debris to TVs and furniture, we'll load up and haul off anything you want to get rid of.

We even offer minor demolition and removal services for sheds, decks and hot tubs. Call now to get residential junk removal services.

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Why hire Junk Shuttle?

Sure, you can haul unwanted junk and debris off to the dump yourself, but do you really have the time or resources? At Junk Shuttle, we'll get rid of your junk and clutter in one fell swoop. Our experts are:

  • Reliable - You can trust us to do all the boxing, bagging and loading so you don't have to lift a finger!
  • Eco-friendly - Our residential junk removal experts will do our best to donate, recycle or sell your unwanted items.
  • Affordable - As a family-owned business, we to keep our costs low to cater to everyone in our community.

Partner with us today for household and yard debris removal services in Richmond, VA.